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Drop type fuse operation steps



On site for 10Kv power distribution line and branch line rated capacity is less than the distribution transformer of 200Kva promised to take load operation according to the following requirements:


(1)Drop fuse operation is carried out by two people (one person custody, one operator), but it is necessary to wear insulating gloves through test, wear insulating boots, a protective eye glasses, apply the qualified insulating rod matching the operating voltage level, the lightning may prohibit operation under the climate of the heavy rain.  


(2)In a switch operation, usually rules, first to break the center and pull the leeward side, eventually snap on a side. This is due to the distribution transformer by three-phase operation into two phase, the electric spark of minimum tensile center phase, and does not constitute a short circuit. Followed by tensile leeward side phase, the phase has been spread out the center, the distance of the leeward side wind edge facies doubled, even with overvoltage, constitute the possibility of interphase short circuit are also small. Eventually break while phase in the wind, only to ground capacitive current, the electric spark has very slight.  


(3) When switching operation order switch on the contrary, when the first match against edge phase, phase of leeward side again, eventually closed center phase.  


(4) The fusion tube is a frequent project operation, pay attention to less than will contact burns to touch bad, make the contact spring annealing, heat, promote contact a touch more bad, constitute a vicious circle. So, pull and fusion tube to moderately hard, together, to take a closer look at the duck mouth tongue can tightly button up more than two-thirds of the tongue length, can be used to press a switch lever hook on the duck mouth a few times, and then quietly trying to pull, see whether together. Not in place or not and when closing, the lack of fuse on the static contact stress, it is easy to form contact burns may melt pipe down on its own.


Disconnect: the operating rod head to fall off spring plate (in fuse contact) on the top, fusion tube will fall off. Close: horizontal hook with a fuck rod inserted into the fusion tube on the hook climbing upward push (to meet, and I will do reverse hook, verify whether contact us prison), melt pipe is closed.

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