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Routine maintenance of high voltage vacuum circuit breaker



The daily maintenance of high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers is the basic work of equipment maintenance, and it must be systematic and standardized. For the regular maintenance of equipment, work budget quotas and material supply consumption quotas should be formulated, and evaluation should be carried out according to the budget quotas. The regular maintenance work of high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers should be included in the assessment plan of the production workshop responsibility system. Regular maintenance of high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers is a planned protective inspection. In addition to human perception, the inspection method also requires certain inspection tools and equipment. It is carried out according to the regular maintenance card, and some people do regular maintenance. It's called on-time maintenance. Precision inspection should also be carried out on mechanical equipment to determine the quality of the actual precision of the equipment. The maintenance of high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers should be carried out in accordance with maintenance technical specifications. The equipment maintenance technical specification is the requirement and requirement for the daily maintenance of the equipment. Persevering in implementing the equipment maintenance technical specification can extend the service life of the equipment and ensure a safe and comfortable office environment.

Its specific content should include:

(1) The location, method and specification of daily inspection and maintenance and regular maintenance;

(2) The high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker should be tidy, clean, firm, lubricated, anti-corrosion, safe, etc., in terms of work content, working methods, safety tools and raw materials used, achieved specifications and common problems;

(3) Regularly inspect and identify the content and methods of the actual operating staff to maintain the level of equipment. High voltage vacuum circuit breaker application maintenance regulations:

(1) Be sure to install the high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker in strict accordance with the instructions for use;

(2) For high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers (temperature control, humidity control, shock resistance, anti-fouling) that have special requirements for the natural environment, the company should take effective countermeasures to ensure the accuracy of the equipment;

(3) In the daily maintenance of the high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker, the parts cannot be disassembled, and the car should be stopped immediately if there is an abnormality, and it is not allowed to run with a fault;

(4)) Strictly abide by the drilling conditions required by the equipment instructions, and only allow deep processing of parts according to the immediate purpose. The remaining amount of processing should be as small as possible. When producing and processing castings, the rough surface should be sandblasted or painted in advance;

(5) A protective cover should be added during non-working hours, and long-term suspension should be carried out on a regular basis for cleaning, lubrication, and air transfer;

(6) Accessories and common tools need to be kept in special cabinets, keep them clean, avoid scratches, and cannot be lent out.

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