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Advantages of high voltage load switch



High voltage load switch function

A high-voltage load switch is an electrical appliance whose function is between a high-voltage circuit breaker and a high-voltage isolating switch. A high-voltage load switch is often used in series with a high-voltage fuse; it is used to control a power transformer. The high-voltage load switch has a simple arc extinguishing device, because it can switch a certain load current and overload current. However, it cannot break the short-circuit current, so it is generally used in series with a high-voltage fuse, and the fuse is used for short-circuit protection.

Precautions for high voltage load switch

A. The fuse body of the fuse used in series with the load switch should be properly selected, that is, when the fault current is greater than the breaking capacity of the load switch, the fuse should be fused first, and then the load switch can be opened.

B. The contact is good when the switch is closed, and there is no overheating of the connection part. During the inspection, attention should be paid to check the porcelain bottle for dirt, cracks, porcelain drop, and flash discharge; the switch cannot be flushed with water (indoor type). (When one high-voltage cabinet controls one transformer, replace the fuse to shut down the circuit high-voltage cabinet.)

C. Vertical installation. The switch frame, closing mechanism, cable sheath, and protective steel pipes should all be reliably grounded (cannot be grounded in series).

D. Before operation, the no-load opening and closing operations should be carried out several times. There is no jamming in each rotating part, the closing is in place, and there is a sufficient safety distance after opening.

Advantages and characteristics of high voltage load switch

A. There is no arc extinguishing device, and the normal working current and short circuit can pass through in the closing state.

B. It is strictly forbidden to connect and disconnect the circuit with load, and it is often used in series with a high-voltage circuit breaker.

C. It can isolate the power supply and has an obvious disconnection point. It is mostly used for fixed high-voltage equipment.

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