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How to deal with overheating of disconnector contacts?



If the contact and contact of the disconnector are overheated, report to the dispatcher first, try to reduce or transfer the load, strengthen the monitoring, and then handle according to different wiring:

(1) Double bus connection. If the knife switch on the side of one bus is overheated, the overheated isolating switch shall be removed from operation by reversing the bus, and the power shall be cut off for maintenance.

(2) Single bus connection. It is necessary to reduce its load, strengthen monitoring, and take measures to reduce temperature. If conditions permit, stop using it as much as possible.

(3) The bypass circuit breaker with bypass circuit breaker can be switched.

(4) If the isolation switch at the line side is overheated, the treatment method is basically the same as that of the single bus, and the outage maintenance shall be arranged as soon as possible. During maintenance, the load shall be reduced and monitoring shall be strengthened.

(5) Open-loop operation of one and a half circuit breaker wiring.

(6) For the overheated contact and contact of the disconnector at the bus side, after the disconnector is opened, if the safety distance for live work is met through on-site inspection, the down lead connector at the bus side can be removed by electrolysis and then processed.

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