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Why must high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers store energy?



At present, the high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers of 10kV and above produced in the industry have manual and electric energy storage methods if they are equipped with spring operating mechanisms. The so-called energy storage means that when the circuit breaker is powered off (that is, when the circuit breaker is opened), the circuit breaker opens quickly due to the elastic force of the spring of the energy storage switch. Of course, the faster the circuit breaker is opened, the better. This is to have enough force to separate the contacts when the sectional fault current is large (excessive current will melt the contacts together).

The energy storage switch controls the start and stop of the energy storage motor. The function of the energy storage motor is to drive the energy storage mechanism to compress the spring of the closing mechanism, so that the spring of the closing mechanism generates a certain amount of compression energy. The energy storage motor stops working and is available for use when closing and tripping are required. Some have automatic energy storage, and the energy storage switch will automatically store energy when the power is turned on. When the energy storage is completed, the contacts will be opened. Some with switch control can choose between manual energy storage and automatic energy storage. The energy storage switch is only used for closing when the external power supply is lost. It is not used for opening operation. Therefore, after turning off the energy storage switching power supply, the energy storage switching device will not be disconnected, but it will not store energy after it is turned off.

As for why high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers must be able to store energy, it is because general high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers are required to have an automatic reclosing function: after opening, they can be closed again immediately. Therefore, after the circuit breaker is closed (energy is released), it must re-store energy immediately to prepare for the next closing. If neither manual nor electric operation works, it means there is a problem with the spring operating mechanism. Regarding the problem you responded to, it is recommended that you open the operation panel and manually store the energy to see if there are any obvious parts that are damaged or other non-mechanical parts are stuck. transmission position.

What needs special attention here is: for high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker energy storage and manual opening energy storage, turn on the auxiliary power switch in the intelligent control unit to charge the battery in the intelligent control box. If the battery is charged, you can turn on the energy in the intelligent control box. Turn on the battery switch and wait for 20 seconds. At this time, the energy storage capacitor is charged and the high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is ready for operation. Manual opening operation: When the vacuum circuit breaker is in the closing position, hook the pull ring on the manual opening handle of the circuit breaker with an insulated operating rod and pull it downward. The circuit breaker can be opened and still has a certain degree of opening. The speed ensures that the circuit breaker can reliably break the rated load current.

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