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High-voltage power distribution system and equipment operation and maintenance requirements



The normal operation of electrical equipment is closely related to daily maintenance and inspection. If the problem can be found as early as possible in the budding stage of equipment failure, and effective measures can be implemented to solve the problem, not only the maintenance time can be reduced, but also the economic loss can be reduced.

(1) First of all, do not disassemble the faulty electrical equipment prematurely, but ask the relevant operators first to understand the cause of the fault and the specific phenomenon of the fault. For electrical equipment with heavy pollution, clean the contact points, wiring points, and buttons, and then check whether the external control keys are malfunctioning. This is because many faults are caused by blockage of conductive dust and dirt, after cleaning, the fault can be eliminated;

2) Secondly, before maintenance, it is necessary to observe whether there are defects or cracks on the outside of the equipment, and then carefully check the inside of the machine after knowing its service life and maintenance history. After the failure factors outside the equipment are eliminated, the disassembly can only be carried out after it is determined that it is an internal failure.

3) Finally, the failure rate of the power supply part of the faulty equipment is relatively high, so it is necessary to repair the power supply when the equipment is not powered on, and judge the fault situation according to the quality of the fuse, thermal relay, contactor, and button of the electrical equipment, and then carry out Power-on test, judge the fault according to the measured parameters and listen to the sound, so as to determine the fault location as soon as possible, and implement targeted maintenance as soon as possible.