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NLL Series Aluminium Alloy Bolt Type Strain Clamp
  • NLL Series Aluminium Alloy Bolt Type Strain ClampNLL Series Aluminium Alloy Bolt Type Strain Clamp

NLL Series Aluminium Alloy Bolt Type Strain Clamp

Strain Clamps (Tension clamps) are used for corner, splice, and terminal connections. The spiral aluminum-clad steel wire has extremely strong tensile strength and no concentrated stress, which protects the optical cable and assists in vibration reduction. The complete set of optical cable tensile fittings includes: tensile pre-twisted wire and supporting connection fittings. The gripping force of the wire clip is not less than 95% of the rated tensile strength of the optical cable, which is convenient and fast to install and reduces the construction cost. Applicable to ADSS optical cable lines with span ≤100 meters and line angle <25°


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Product Description

The strain clamp (Pistol strain clamp) is used to fix the wire or the lightning protection wire to the non-linear tower tension insulator string, which acts as an anchor and is also used to fix the pull wire of the pull rod tower.

Product Parameter (Specification)

Catalog No Applicable Conductor(mm) C D U BOIT Specified Failure Load
NLL-1 5.1-10.0 18 16 2XM12 20
NLL-2 10.0-14.0 18 16 2XM12 40
NLL-3 14.0-18.0 27 16 3XM14 70
NLL-4 18.0-23.0 30 18 3XM14 90
NLL-5 23.0-29.0 36 22 3XM16 120

Note: NLL Series are suitable for aerial line up to 220KV, fixing aluminium wire or steel core aluminium wire on the strainpole.

Product Feature

1) The wire clip has high strength and reliable grip. The grip strength of the wire clamp shall not be less than 95% CUTS (the calculation of the breaking force of the stranded wire).
2) The stress distribution of the twisted wire by the clamp is uniform, and the twisted wire is not damaged, which improves the anti-vibration capability of the twisted wire and greatly prolongs the service life of the wire.
3) Simple installation and easy construction. The construction time can be greatly shortened, and the operation can be completed by one person without any special tools.
4) The installation quality of the wire clip is easy to guarantee, and can be inspected with the naked eye without special training.
5) Good corrosion resistance, select high-quality materials. The material is exactly the same as the wire, which ensures that the clip has a strong ability to resist electrochemical corrosion.
6) Optional anti-theft ring can effectively solve the problem of anti-theft.


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