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The difference between Recloser and Vacuum Circuit Breaker



1. Different functions: The function of the recloser is to cooperate with other high-voltage electrical appliances, identify the fault location through its circuit breaking, reclosing operation sequence, reset, and locking, to minimize the limitation of the power outage area, while the circuit breaker only uses breaking short circuit faults, resulting in a large power outage area of the line.

2. Different structures: The structure of the recloser consists of an arc extinguishing chamber, operating mechanism, and control system, while the circuit breaker usually only consists of an arc extinguishing chamber and operating mechanism. The operating mechanism of advanced reclosers in China is a permanent magnet mechanism, while the operating mechanism of circuit breakers is generally a spring mechanism. Compared with spring mechanisms, permanent magnet mechanisms have fewer parts, are maintenance free, and have high reliability.

3. Different control methods: The recloser has its own control equipment, and its detection, control, and operation are self-contained, while the circuit breaker and its control system are considered separately in design.

4. Different breaking characteristics: The recloser has inverse time and dual time for breaking. Circuit breakers are usually used for quick break and overcurrent protection.

5. Different operating sequences: The reclosing operation is divided into 'four times three times' and' two fast and two slow 'and' one fast and three slow 'depending on the location of use and the switching equipment before and after. The rated operating sequence is: minutes -0.1s - closing -1s - closing -1s - closing, convenient for characteristic adjustment; The operating sequence of circuit breakers is uniformly specified by the standard: -0.3s - on - off - off - off - off. The operating sequence is not adjustable and cannot be coordinated with the front and rear switchgear.