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Routine maintenance and safety measures for power equipment operation



Power equipment is an essential infrastructure for production and life. With the development of economy and the advancement of science and technology, the structure of power equipment is becoming more and more complex, which also puts forward new requirements for power maintenance of power operating equipment. In order to ensure the safe operation and use of power operating equipment, it is necessary to do a good job in the daily power maintenance of these equipment.

1. Pay attention to daily equipment cleaning and eliminate hidden dangers in time

Since most of the power operation equipment is outdoors, in daily maintenance, the cleaning of the equipment should be strengthened, and attention should be paid to cleaning when performing power maintenance on the power operation equipment. If necessary, use reasonable and appropriate chemical reagents according to the technical requirements and precautions of specific equipment. During the cleaning period, electric workers try not to use clean water to clean electrical equipment, because water is highly conductive, and there are certain safety hazards in the process of electric cleaning to prevent electric workers from getting an electric shock.

Due to the weather, the casing of the power equipment will rust, and the equipment will be gradually damaged. Power supply personnel need to regularly clean outdoor electrical equipment. When performing electrical maintenance on electrical equipment, it is necessary to check each component and replace damaged parts in time to ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment. When electric workers choose cleaning agents, they need to choose chemical reagents with high safety factor and low conductivity to ensure their own work safety. In addition, during the cleaning process, due to the heavy workload, electric workers may apply an organic coating on the electromagnetic surface to reduce the damage of stains to electrical equipment and reduce the long-term workload of electric workers. However, this organic coating has a certain shelf life. Electric power employees need to use the paint within the warranty period, check the paint regularly, dispose of expired paint in time, and replace it with new paint.

2. Power maintenance personnel should strengthen the management of power operation equipment

In their daily work, electric workers need to strengthen the maintenance and repair of power running equipment, regularly check power running equipment, and understand the warranty or replacement of damaged parts found in work. At the same time, the resistance test should be carried out regularly to ensure the normal operation of the insulation resistance, and the resistance that cannot work normally should be recorded and guaranteed in time to avoid electric equipment leakage. Power companies can formulate detailed maintenance plans for the inspection of power operation equipment, regularly check power equipment, ensure regular maintenance of power equipment, ensure timely detection of power operation equipment failures, and prevent power safety accidents.

The daily operation of power equipment is the basic procedure of power grid operation. Managing the daily maintenance and maintenance of power operating equipment is a problem that electric workers need to pay attention to, especially the inspection and management of the operating status of power equipment. Power workers need to pay attention to the long-term safety hazards of power equipment, so as to avoid economic losses caused by poor daily maintenance of power operation equipment, affecting normal power supply and people's lives.

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